Camtasia Studio – Software Perekam Desktop dan Webcam

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Bingung bagaimana cara bikin video seperti PewDiePie?

Sebenarnya PewDiePie menggunakan Logitech Webcam Software untuk merekam Webcam nya dan menggunakan Fraps untuk merekam Games yang dimainkan.

Sebenarnya ada software yang bisa digunakan untuk merekam sekaligus tanpa harus repot yaitu Camtasia Studio.

Software ini di request temen saya :P

Camtasia Studio 8

Feature Software TechSmith Camtasia Studio:

  • The recording
  • Motion capture any image on the monitor screen.
  • Webcam video recording quality in the Internet environment.
  • Recording good quality sound with minimum noise.
  • Record all elements of a project schedule, including PowerPoint slides, animations and sounds, the inner slide.
  • Record all mouse clicks and keyboard key.
  • Save images as individual frames to create slide AVI.
  • TechSmith Codec used by companies to take advantage of the latest video compression technology.
  • Add any effects, text and sound during filming of the system.
  • Multiple choice test electronic design capabilities and add to the project.
  • Zoom in anywhere and enjoy the special effects, emphasize the key points!
  • The editing and video editing of recorded images
  • The paste, chop and mix and then add items to support a wide range of video formats and audio clips.
  • The ability to add beautiful effects, and several pre-designed video software.
  • Over 18 Transition new and unique for the new software version.
  • All Audio Video Editing Made with the removal, replacement parts and add audio to the most popular audio formats support.
  • Add to emphasize with blinking dots to create a variety of video editing.
  • Ability to create clickable areas with a simple click on the Password FAQ Mrvd frame or go to your URL.
  • Edit text, size, appearance, color and ....
  • The project emissions created
  • Publish the project formats Macromedia Flash, AVI, Microsoft Windows Media, RealNetworks RealMedia, QuickTime, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and web pages.
  • Publish the project as a single EXE file, which runs without any system software components.
  • Training and capacity building with the CD autorun menu, stylish and elegant, with over 350 background images and effects software needed as well, making it much easier to autorun.

Download Program nya di web resminye :

Gunakan salah satu serial di bawah ini :

Name : mamlux (bisa bebas)


Cara Aktivasi Camtasia Studio 8 :
Install Camtasia Studio 8
Selesai install, close camtasia (jangan di jalankan).
Edit file host dengan notepad di “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”.


File Host Windows System32

Tambahkan IP dibawah ini seperti di atas
Kalau sudah, Jangan lupa di save.
Jalankan camtasia, masukan serial nya. Untuk username di isi bebas.


Camtasia Studio 8 Crack

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nih min.. ijin share min.. perekam video terbaik, dan video berjalan halus tidak seperti recorder pada umumnya, dan bisa merekam audionya juga ^_^ semoga bermanfaat yah om ^_^

ditunggu kesan dan pesanya yah om ^_^


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save nya pake apa bro?


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gak bisa ngerekam nih. game nya nge-lag


Photoshop saya tidak bisa di rekam dengan camtasia, kenapa ya??


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